Battle Report – BC Fleet 29/1

Last night saw an overwhelming victory for the Minmatar Militia as both Caldari and Amarr forces were obliterated during a massive fleet engagement in the Minmatar controlled system of Auga.

Five Corp mates from TRIAD and I met up with a long-range battle cruiser and battle ship fleet  to try to break up a large pirate gate camp, that had been causing major issues for local traffic over the previous days. Whilst in warp to the Osoggur gate in Amamake we received intel that the pirates had moved on and a large Amarr fleet had now formed on the gate we were heading to. As Osoggur is Minmatar Highsec space and the Republic Security Forces would be on hand to help, we all jumped on contact and reproached the gate, waiting for any enemy pilots stupid enough to jump through to us. A Caldari Heavy Assault Cruiser pilot did indeed jump though, perhaps under the presumption that his allies would follow, his Zealot was destroyed very quickly as artillery rounds pounded into his hull whilst he tried to limp back to gate, this was the fleet’s first kill.

Waiting on the Amamake gate in Osoggur

We waited on the gate in Osoggur for a while whist we gathered new intelligence. Blood was in the water now, the Minmatar warrior in all of us wanting more. However I’d learnt during my time as a Capsuleer that patience is one of the most underrated and useful weapons that we all posess. Before long we had intel that a cynosural field had been lit in Auga and several capital ships had jumped in, all from the alliance “Royal Navy”, who were reported to be operating as pirates. The fleet jumped into Auga and warped to the Militia Corp owned defence platform to regroup. We then had reports that the Caldari and some Amarr ships were now engaged with the capital fleet. Seeing this as a tactical opportunity to have the upper hand over our war targets for once, the Fleet Commander warped us in at range from the cyno field.

As we deaccelerated out of warp my overview stuttered into life filling up with orange flashing bars, indicating the field was full of targets, mostly Caldari at this stage. The Carriers; 3 Archons, a Chimera and a Thanatos were at the heart of the fight all heavily engaged with the Caldari. I could see at least 5 Caldari Guardian Remote logistics ships all spider tanking, their yellow and green energy trails wisping between the ships repairing each others armour.  It was quite a scene and it took a member of my own crew shouting in my ear to snap me out of the daze I was in and bring myself back to focusing on what I needed to do. The orders started to come in over the comms, primary and secondary targets being issued, our frigates and close range support all hurtled past us into the thick of the swam to pin down targets. I opened fire along with 30 other pilots sat at range, missiles and projectiles flew across the empty space in an instant all hitting the target in unison, shield and armour indicators disappeared and the Munin ship popped with a flash of light. My heart pounded in my chest, eyes darted across the overview for the next target. I was out of range due to aligning in case of an emergency warp out. I quickly spun the ship around and engaged the microwarp drive for 2 cycles, closed the gap down within range of my 720 Guns, aligned out again and opened fire. My long range howitzers guns had no problem tracking the next target, a  Zealot that was pretty much at a stand still due to our nimble frigates holding them in place with their speed crippiling stasis webifier modules. Concentrated fire soon moved to a Caldari Loki ship 30km off the fleet, the 698 million isk Strategic cruiser soon exploded in massive flash of white blue light sending debris out in all directions. (see here)

The battle fully underway

A message from a commander in the Amarrian fleet then got through to us, suggesting we work together to destroy the pirate capitals. The Amarr are the sworn enemy of the Republic, any previous truces and pacts have always ended up with them being true to form and betraying any such partnership for their own gain, leading to nothing but more bloodshed and Minmatar deaths. Our Fleet Commander, made the decision every single loyal Minmatar pilot in the fleet would have made and gave the order to ignore the message and open fire on the Ammar who had just warped in parallel to our fleet. Primary targets were called and fire changed direction to the Ammar’s battleships. Caught by surprise they too started to get annihilated. A Hyperion and 3 Armageddon class Battleships went down before a 700 million isk T3 Legion Strategic Cruiser was turned to scrap. (See here) With the logistic and larger ships off the field the entries on my overview started to disappear quickly, pods were appearing in space before my readouts even indicated the ship was entering structural damage. Shortly there were cheers over the comm channel and it was obvious then that we have won the fight as any remaining Caldari and Ammarian forces were fleeing. Unaware of the Pirates intentions, the order was given to leave the field and regroup. The comms channel was now full of jubilation, laugher and above all proud triumph over the victory. Several fleet members warped back to the field when it was reported the pirates had left and a salvage operation took place to recover as much as possible from the masses of wrecks and orphaned drones that littered space, to contribute towards any ship losses during the battle.

We had a few losses, but intel after the battle shows that between 21:45 and 22:09 (the main battle) there were 25 kills and 11 losses and the somewhat insensitive statistic that influences the war effort as a whole shows we lost an estimated 700 million isk in assets and the enemy lost 3.8 billion isk. This was an important win for the Republic and will have impacted on both the Caldari and Amarr’s ability to field high-grade ships, at least in the short term and if anything else it would have at least knocked their moral. I am proud my Corp mates and I were part of it.

The celebrations of the victory in the bar back at our home station went on well into the night in true Minmatar style and glasses were raised to those mortals that sacrificed themselves during this battle. I am sure I speak on behalf of all the Minmatar Milita when I say we salute all the crew members that lost their lives, their deaths were not in vain, our thoughts are with their families and these heroes will not be forgotten.

Please Note – This is purely my perspective of the events taking place and may not completely cover everything that occurred.


6 Responses to “Battle Report – BC Fleet 29/1”

  1. steve Says:

    Enjoyed reading that, I am so new to this game that I am a million miles away from encounters like this.

    • Glad you enjoyed the read 🙂
      As far as nullsec battles go I’d agree with you, but faction warfare is much more accessible. Many FW corps will take on new players, just being able to fly a rifter with tackle is enough to get invloved in fleets.

      • steve Says:

        I think that the faction stuff is what I will be aiming for maybe 4 or 5 months down the line, but want to feel more comfortable with the mechanics of the game as well as getting some more ISK in my pockets to buy better equipment, as well as training to at least level 4 on certain things…

        Yesterday I got owned by someone in 0.7 space and I think I have a fair way to go especially with things like what equipment to go for.

        Not even considered corporations yet as I don’t really know what I want to do.

      • Once you have done all of the tutorial agents that are available, therefore experienced many of the aspects in Eve, I would get into a corp. There is only so much you can learn on your own, joining a beginner corp and being able to ask loads of question is the best way to learn without getting frustrated.

        If you do want to join the Militia and fight on the right side (the Republic) 😛 convo me in game. Providing you know the basics and are a team player you’ll be welcome in TRIAD.

  2. steve Says:

    Yeah, I’ve done all the tutorials currently in Jita trying to earn some ISK in trading, and doing a spot of mining, well was doing mining but may step away from that. Thanks for the offer, ill take a look at the details in that link and look in general at corporations. thanks

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