Business Offer Part 1

I was staring down at my handheld datapad that was wired into my Wolf Assault frigate in the open expanse of Rens VI, Moon 8, Brutor Tribe Treasury station docking bay. The reflection of Jenna my mechanic standing behind me snapped me out of my tired daze. “I don’t understand it either” she said as I turned to face her. An attractive Minmatar woman, her red hair tied up in a bun, wearing grimy orange overalls with a lump of grease smudged on her cheek. She’s been in my crew for a while, based at stations conducting repairs and fitting work on my ships. I always take a direct input in the fitting of all my ships, fine tuning them exactly to what is needed and she is excellent at ensuring every bit of CPU and Power is utilised. “I’m not getting the range I need!”  I said as I tossing the datapad on the work bench. “I nearly lost the damn ship earlier, wasting time closing on a target at a gate”, “Leave it with me, I’ll run some more checks on the tracking enhancer” she said picking up the datapad. “Thanks, I’m off to the bar, feel free to join me when you get as frustrated and fed up as I have”.  Jenna gave me a smile as I patted her shoulder and made my way to the elevator. All of a sudden sirens started whining as a smouldering Mammoth industrial ship was towed into the bay next to ours. Automated drones were buzzing around it extinguishing the fire on its hull, thick black smoke filling up the bay. Presumably another victim of an Amarr Militia hit and run attack, they are lucky to be alive I thought as I tossed the oily rag I’d been wiping my hands on into a bin and stepped into the elevator.

Rens VI Moon 8 Brutor Tribe Treasury Station

Rens VI Moon 8 station never sleeps, being the main trade hub in Minmatar space it is always alive with activity, peoples evenings, mornings and nights all merged into a continuation. I exited the elevator and joined the swath of people moving through the corridor towards the tram system. The usual pushing and shoving ensued when the tram arrived, finding a spot at the back of the carriage I leant back on the wall and tried to relax. Wishing I was wearing a jacket to cover up my spinal implants, I ignored the looks that Capsuleers seemed to always attract when they were amongst their mortal counterparts. Eventually reaching my destination outside the business district, I left the tram and took yet another elevator to my favourite place on the station ; Bar Ragnarok. Dimly lit, low bassey music played in the background, cheap strong beer and the sort of clientele that keep themselves to themselves and don’t ask questions or pass judgement, this is my idea of paradise after a stressful day out in the pod. The place was the complete opposite to the bright, lively, neon lit Gallente bars and clubs I frequented earlier in my life. A few heads turned as I entered, but soon turned back to what they were doing, the bar tender gave me a smile and a nod, already fixing me a drink as I made my way over to the bar. A burly Brutor, Minmatar threw and threw, a perfect barman, friendly and chatty but with an air of authority about him. “How’s it going Jae” he said looking up from the pint of bubbling Minmatar ale he was pouring. “Ah you know Max, can always be better”, I said dropping my isk reader on the bar. “Don’t I know it” he said placing the glass down, swiping my reader and handing it back to me. “Actually make it a jug”, with that, Max let out a low chuckle synonymous to his larger than life personality and proceeded to pour me a large jug. Moving to a lone table in the corner of the room, I settled down watching the news on the bars large Holoscreen. This was the first time in weeks I’d well and truly relaxed and the strong ale was going down nicely, probably too nicely.

Wondering if Jenna was going to turn up and if I should get another drink, I started to stand and realised it was probably better if neither of those events took place and slumped back into my chair. Just then, a thin gaunt looking man in a shamefully exuberant suit, undoubtedly Caldarian, placed a chair at the other side of my table and sat down. He looked out of place in these surroundings and I was surprised he had not been mugged on the way to the bar. He was frantically trying to make eye contact with me. “Good beer?” he said nodding at the empty jug on the table. “Yes, but I don’t play nice with others, after a whole jug of it”. The man looked remarkable un-phased by my comment, merely smiled, took a large cigar out of a ornately decorated silver case, confidently chopped its end with an expensive looking traditional cutter and offered it to me. I stared blankly at it, partly due to the fact I was having difficulty focussing on it, but also in defiance, I didn’t want to drop my guard, it was bad enough he was Caldarian, but he also reeked of scammer. He lit the cigar and blew out a cloud of thick greyish green smoke, glanced at the cigar with a satisfying grin and gently flicked the ash into the ashtray. “Expensive business being a Capsuleer isn’t it?” he said with a more seriously look on his face now. “Not if you do it right” I replied. “There are easy ways to make isk, to have a passive income” he retorted. “And I suppose you can help me out there can you?” I said sarcastically. The man took another drag on his cigar and blew a smoke rig up into the air. “I don’t blame you for not trusting me, there are so many others in New Eden with unethical methods, but will you not hear me out? It seems you are going to be staying in that chair for a while longer”. That annoying smug grin appeared on his face again. Knowing I was too drunk to do much about this annoying little man that was ruining my peace, I gave in, sighed and snatched the cigar out of his hand, spilling ash onto his suit “Talk!” a barked at him. He excitably pulled his chair closer, “Excellent. As I am sure you are aware, Concord has authored a new treaty allowing access to planet resources, including all aspects of planetary industry and trade across the galaxy?” I nodded.

Customs Office allowing access to the planets industrial infrastructure

“Then I’m sure you are also aware it has been confirmed that the richer planets are those in the far away systems in Nullsec space, where such networks of industry are only for those part of the great alliances?” Again I nodded, “Stop telling my stuff I already know!” I shouted, starting to lose my patience. “What would you say if I told you I have access to such an alliance and can offer you a deal in which you would receive a return on your investment plus 100% in one month?” Grinning again, he obviously thought I was being convinced by his scam. “I’d say we aint in Jita! Now f**k off before I put this cigar out in your eye socket”. He flinched and his chair screeched on the floor as he shuffled it backwards. “Ok, ok, I can provide all the information you would require before making a decision though, please at least take my card” he tossed his card onto the table and hurried out of the bar, obviously conscious that all its patrons were giving him aggressive looks now. I glanced down at the card, tried to read it and my eyes were all of a sudden very heavy.

Now two of my fingers felt very hot, in fact they were burning. I opened my eyes with a start and dropped the remains of the cigar on the floor, quickly squashing it under my heel. I’d only been unconscious for a few minutes, but my head was already throbbing, almost in time to the beat of the music playing in the background, even the dim light in the room was stinging my eyes and my mouth had turned into an arid dessert, no help from the cigar I suspected. I grabbed the card and shoved it into my pocket, pushed myself onto my feet and carefully caught my balance, letting my legs wake up and my vision focus. Max had pulled a Quafe Ultra out of the fridge and placed it on the bar, “You aint no Brutor Jae, I think I need to get some of that Gallente light beer in stock for you” he jeered with his low chuckle, smirking at me as I slowly staggered to the bar. Nodding at him and mustering a smile I took the bottle of Quafe and left. After managing to safely find the tram I made it back to my private quarters in a blur. I quite literally fell into the bed, with the thought of plugging into my pod, submerged in goo in the morning, made only slightly more bearable by the knowledge that I will have a bottle of Quafe Ultra on hand.

Quafe; perfect hangover cure

To be Continued….


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