Battle Report – Assault Frigate Fleet 21/2

Our small Assault/Faction frigate gang rallied in the system of Frestorn with the intention of patrolling the pipe of systems through to Dal, using our usual hit and run tactics to avoid the inevitable Amarrian “blob” fleets that are often sent to overwhelm us with numbers. However, we then got reliable intel that one of the notorious Amarrian Fleet Commanders had left the region, so in the hope of picking off small fleets flying around like headless miniature slaver hounds, we headed back to Auga.

As our fleet numbers increased and now consisted of multiple elite frigates and inteceptors, a few cruisers, a battlecruiser and a Falcon ECM ship, we spread out around the numerous stargates in the system and scout pilots jumped through to provide us with intel on enemy movement in the neighbouring systems. The first kill of the day was a curious one. A lone Caldarian pilot flying a Federation Navy Comet was reported to have jumped through the Amamake gate, so the fleet mobilised and waited for him to uncloak. Instead of using the Comet’s high manoeuvrability and trying to make it back to the gate, the pilot decided to open fire on one of our interceptor ships. Knowing that this action would deny him access to the stargate for a period of time, six of us swarmed over him and his ship melted in a hail of miniature explosions that irrupted over his hull within seconds (see here). Reports then came in over the comms that a Retribution assault frigate piloted by another Caldarian had entered Auga from Dal, had managed to speed his way back to gate and successfully jumped, he was greeted by auto cannon fire and missiles from one of our Cyclone battle cruisers on the other side. An Amarrian stealth bomber then entered the system via the gate my squad was orbiting and due to the skill and speed of two interceptor pilots, was pinned down before he could even activate his cloaking device. My overview computer barely registered a ship being in space before it was replaced by a pod, then by a frozen corpse. Much to the whole fleet’s annoyance an enemy Harbinger battlecruiser then managed to evade multiple war scrambling attempts on either side of the stargate, presuming the ship was warp core stabilised to counter the effects of our modules, a method often adopted my industrial ships to elude pirates, we reluctantly let him go.

My Jaguar approaching a gate

A string of victories then ensued for our fleet.  A high value Rapier Recon ship was taken down in the neighbouring system of Dal. The waste of such a beautifully designed Minmatar ship was offset by the fact that the pilot was from a notorious Amarrian Milita corp that has a total of over 6000 corp kills registered to date. A Fly Catcher was also masterfully caught on the large regional Kourmonen gate by one of our Dramiel pilots and destroyed primarily by a fellow corp mate’s medium beam lasers that visibly ripped gashes in the Heavy Intidictor’s hull venting air and Amarrain crew members out into space (see here). In Kourmonen itself an enemy Huginn foolishly sat at a tactical spot 150 km off of the stargate and underestimated the speed and range of our Dramiel. The recon ship was tackled and locked down unable to warp, the distance of the Dramiel was just inside the range required for the ships navigation computer to initiate a warp point lock and the fleet proceeded to land on top of the Huginn and destroy the ship and indeed the pod within no time at all (see here). Word also got to us that the Harbinger who escaped us earlier was not so lucky four jumps down the pipe and was destroyed by three of our brothers in the Ebolfer system (see here).

Traffic between the systems soon quietened down, reports of our activity, fleet composition and whereabouts undoubtedly flooding the Amarr Militia intel channels. We moved into Amamake in an attempt to break up a Heretic Army Pirate fleet that was preying on ships coming through the region from Highsec space. Their fleet broke up when we flooded into the system and the high value Tech 3 strategic cruisers vanished from the field just leaving a destroyer and an assault frigate, which we soon put down. Attention then turned back to Auga where intel suggested that several war target battleships and strategic cruisers were outside a station. We landed on station and immediately opened fire on the Amarr. The immense shield and defence systems on the ships were no match for the ships we were fielding, not whilst they were within the docking area of the station and able to simply dock when they got too uncomfortable. We then had some luck when a cocky Huginn pilot strayed too far from the station and was slowed down to a near standstill by multiple webbing fields being fired off from our numerous frigates that were closely orbiting his ship. The whole fleet that were frustrated by the enemy cowardly docking their ships constantly, snatched up the opportunity and engulfed the 200 million isk faction fitted ship, which exploded when it was not even half way back to the station (see here).

An Abaddon battleship then undocked from the station, the fleet presumed the captain would, as per usual, just absorb all the damage he could and then simply dock, showing the Amarrian arrogance at its finest, but he didn’t. The ship warped directly to an asteroid belt in the system. Immediately fast tackle interceptors warped to the asteroid belt he had been seen heading towards and once they reported they had point when they landed the rest of the fleet followed. “He is smart bombing” roared over the voice comms. Instant death for most frigates, smart bombs radiate a shock wave of energy from the firing ship, causing damage to any surrounding structures or other ships. Straight away 2 losses were reported from the first wave that entered the belt, a destroyer class thrasher and a stiletto interceptor, both caught in the first detonation of bombs. As soon as we all landed, all pilots frantically initiated their propulsion modules and flew away from the battleship in all directions to get clear of the damage zone. Once at a safe distance warp disruption devices and guns were engaged by the whole fleet and large orbits were initiated. Our ships circled the comparatively massive Amarrian battleship like wolves circling their prey, slowly wearing it down, shields first then we hit it’s armor, which we later found out consisted of no less than four 1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates, it was slow work.  I ensured that I stayed outside the blast radius of 5 km while orbiting; not getting too close to the veldspar asteroids in case the ships collision systems knocked me out of orbit. The blue electromagnetic field boomed out from the battleship every so often shaking the surrounding space, crackling dust particles like miniature lightening storms, the blue hue reflecting off the ships hulls that were orbiting, the whole scene was quite a sight to behold.

Smart bomb shockwave from the battleship

The fleet was soon joined by more militia members eager to help take the ship down, totalling 28 at one point, including several stealth bombers and a Raven battleship, which sped up the Amarrain’s demise. It wasn’t long before the fight was over in a huge explosion that sent out debris, knocking several asteroid rocks across the belt and off into the depths of space (see here). I then took my leave, knowing full well that my crew and I were tired from the hours of fighting and needed a well deserved break, so I headed back to the corp’s Lowsec home system.

My Jaguar ship performed very well, but I will be speaking to my engineer Jenna to see about modifying the load out slightly as the current setup may be suited to smaller fleets. More damage output and an increase in overall speed would have come in handy for the bigger fleet we were flying in. A total of 16 kills and only 2 losses were achieved by the fleet, 11 of which my crew and I are proud to say were part of. The fleet also went on to take down several other battlecruisers later in the night.

This was part of a vengeance combat mission I took on for the T.R.I.A.D agency and am confident I have fullfilled my assignment.

Anyway, time for some rest.

Please Note – This is purely my perspective of the events taking place and may not completely cover everything that occurred.


2 Responses to “Battle Report – Assault Frigate Fleet 21/2”

  1. Well done, pilot. Glad to see our forces continue to push forward in the war against the Amarr.

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