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Battle Report – Assault Frigate Fleet 21/2

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Our small Assault/Faction frigate gang rallied in the system of Frestorn with the intention of patrolling the pipe of systems through to Dal, using our usual hit and run tactics to avoid the inevitable Amarrian “blob” fleets that are often sent to overwhelm us with numbers. However, we then got reliable intel that one of the notorious Amarrian Fleet Commanders had left the region, so in the hope of picking off small fleets flying around like headless miniature slaver hounds, we headed back to Auga.

As our fleet numbers increased and now consisted of multiple elite frigates and inteceptors, a few cruisers, a battlecruiser and a Falcon ECM ship, we spread out around the numerous stargates in the system and scout pilots jumped through to provide us with intel on enemy movement in the neighbouring systems. The first kill of the day was a curious one. A lone Caldarian pilot flying a Federation Navy Comet was reported to have jumped through the Amamake gate, so the fleet mobilised and waited for him to uncloak. Instead of using the Comet’s high manoeuvrability and trying to make it back to the gate, the pilot decided to open fire on one of our interceptor ships. Knowing that this action would deny him access to the stargate for a period of time, six of us swarmed over him and his ship melted in a hail of miniature explosions that irrupted over his hull within seconds (see here). Reports then came in over the comms that a Retribution assault frigate piloted by another Caldarian had entered Auga from Dal, had managed to speed his way back to gate and successfully jumped, he was greeted by auto cannon fire and missiles from one of our Cyclone battle cruisers on the other side. An Amarrian stealth bomber then entered the system via the gate my squad was orbiting and due to the skill and speed of two interceptor pilots, was pinned down before he could even activate his cloaking device. My overview computer barely registered a ship being in space before it was replaced by a pod, then by a frozen corpse. Much to the whole fleet’s annoyance an enemy Harbinger battlecruiser then managed to evade multiple war scrambling attempts on either side of the stargate, presuming the ship was warp core stabilised to counter the effects of our modules, a method often adopted my industrial ships to elude pirates, we reluctantly let him go.

My Jaguar approaching a gate

A string of victories then ensued for our fleet.   Continue reading


Battle Report – BC Fleet 29/1

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Last night saw an overwhelming victory for the Minmatar Militia as both Caldari and Amarr forces were obliterated during a massive fleet engagement in the Minmatar controlled system of Auga.

Five Corp mates from TRIAD and I met up with a long-range battle cruiser and battle ship fleet  to try to break up a large pirate gate camp, that had been causing major issues for local traffic over the previous days. Whilst in warp to the Osoggur gate in Amamake we received intel that the pirates had moved on and a large Amarr fleet had now formed on the gate we were heading to. As Osoggur is Minmatar Highsec space and the Republic Security Forces would be on hand to help, we all jumped on contact and reproached the gate, waiting for any enemy pilots stupid enough to jump through to us. A Caldari Heavy Assault Cruiser pilot did indeed jump though, perhaps under the presumption that his allies would follow, his Zealot was destroyed very quickly as artillery rounds pounded into his hull whilst he tried to limp back to gate, this was the fleet’s first kill.

Waiting on the Amamake gate in Osoggur

We waited on the gate in Osoggur for a while whist we gathered new intelligence. Blood was in the water now, the Minmatar warrior in all of us wanting more. However I’d learnt during my time as a Capsuleer that patience is one of the most underrated and useful weapons that we all posess. Before long we had intel that a cynosural field had been lit in Auga and several capital ships had jumped in, all from the alliance “Royal Navy”, who were reported to be operating as pirates. The fleet jumped into Auga and warped to the Militia Corp owned defence platform to regroup. We then had reports that the Caldari and some Amarr ships were now engaged with the capital fleet. Seeing this as a tactical opportunity to have the upper hand over our war targets for once, the Fleet Commander warped us in at range from the cyno field.

As we deaccelerated out of warp my overview stuttered into life filling up with orange flashing bars, indicating the field was full of targets, mostly Caldari at this stage. The Carriers; 3 Archons, a Chimera and a Thanatos were at the heart of the fight all heavily engaged with the Caldari. I could see at least 5 Caldari Guardian Remote logistics ships all spider tanking, their yellow and green energy trails wisping between the ships repairing each others armour.  It was quite a scene and it took a member of my own crew shouting in my ear to snap me out of the daze I was in and bring myself back to focusing on what I needed to do. The orders started to come in over the comms, Continue reading