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Business Offer Part 1

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I was staring down at my handheld datapad that was wired into my Wolf Assault frigate in the open expanse of Rens VI, Moon 8, Brutor Tribe Treasury station docking bay. The reflection of Jenna my mechanic standing behind me snapped me out of my tired daze. “I don’t understand it either” she said as I turned to face her. An attractive Minmatar woman, her red hair tied up in a bun, wearing grimy orange overalls with a lump of grease smudged on her cheek. She’s been in my crew for a while, based at stations conducting repairs and fitting work on my ships. I always take a direct input in the fitting of all my ships, fine tuning them exactly to what is needed and she is excellent at ensuring every bit of CPU and Power is utilised. “I’m not getting the range I need!”  I said as I tossing the datapad on the work bench. “I nearly lost the damn ship earlier, wasting time closing on a target at a gate”, “Leave it with me, I’ll run some more checks on the tracking enhancer” she said picking up the datapad. “Thanks, I’m off to the bar, feel free to join me when you get as frustrated and fed up as I have”.  Jenna gave me a smile as I patted her shoulder and made my way to the elevator. All of a sudden sirens started whining as a smouldering Mammoth industrial ship was towed into the bay next to ours. Automated drones were buzzing around it extinguishing the fire on its hull, thick black smoke filling up the bay. Presumably another victim of an Amarr Militia hit and run attack, they are lucky to be alive I thought as I tossed the oily rag I’d been wiping my hands on into a bin and stepped into the elevator.

Rens VI Moon 8 Brutor Tribe Treasury Station

Rens VI Moon 8 station never sleeps, being the main trade hub in Minmatar space it is always alive with activity, peoples evenings, mornings and nights all merged into a continuation. I exited the elevator and joined the swath of people moving through the corridor towards the tram system. The usual pushing and shoving ensued when the tram arrived, finding a spot at the back of the carriage I leant back on the wall and tried to relax. Wishing I was wearing a jacket to cover up my spinal implants, I ignored the looks that Capsuleers seemed to always attract when they were amongst their mortal counterparts. Eventually reaching my destination outside the business district, I left the tram and took yet another elevator to my favourite place on the station Continue reading